Perfume Metal

Ebonny Munro is a jewellery artist based in Kings Cross, Sydney. Her designs are reminiscent of a past life in a cold cave on the edges of a Scottish highland; the structural embodiment of a flute fronted dungeon-synth melody. Ebonny is concerned with everything far from the futuristic “savage” life that the contemporary human dwells in. Rather, she sees the worlds of neanderthals and the dark ages as far more contextually pleasing. Within her works you’ll find the intersection of leather and armour, precious stones and ornamental delicacies bonded together with steel shields and studded crucifixes. From discovering neolithic gems (real and theoretical) on Antiques Roadshow, to conspiracy theories and ritualistic practices, Ebonny talks us through what fuels her, and what keeps her delving into the realms of chaotic creativity.
- Mont publishing house